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"Indeed the Landscape Architect becomes a type of counsellor, listening to your   needs and wants, without super-imposing his/her own ideas over your own.. "

Invest in an Expert

If you want your garden to be a good investment, to add value to your home and to your life, you need to make sure it is planned properly from the start.We have seen too many projects undertaken by so-called 'landscapers' which have left home-owners stressed and angry with the result.

A garden needs to be planned as carefully as a house. The cost of urban land is so high today that it is wasteful not to develop it all to its full potential. Any Real Estate Agent will tell you that you can add at least 10-20% to the value of a home through creating a well planned usable garden.

A Landscape Architect with three or more years University training in plant varieties, spatial arrangement, planning and costing of projects, knows how to design your garden to suit your tastes and your individual budget. Part of the Landscape Architects job is to realise solutions out of apparent problems. He or she is able to see the garden space from the perspective of the end-user without getting caught up in all the emotional wrangles that many families, especially couples, do when they try to work out how they want their garden to look in five years time.

Indeed the Landscape Architect becomes a type of counsellor, listening to your needs and wants, without super-imposing his/her own ideas over your own. At the same time of course they will take those ideas embellish them a little and take them from concept to reality.

A good landscape architect also takes into consideration the surrounding neighbours and in the immediate neighbourhood. This means they understand how to get the best out of the neighbours in terms of making sure they understand what is happening and resolving any conflicts with them when they do arise. There is an impression that the use of a Landscape Architect is only for the very rich, yet the cost of a design will last the life of the garden and can start from as little as $500.00 for a concept plan.

The garden is part of your home and part of your life...make sure you employ a Landscape Architect to make your ideas become realities. In summing up the ADVANTAGES of using a Landscape Architect.

  • Better planning now and in the future
  • Adding value to your home
  • Avoiding potentially costly mistakes
  • The benefit of years of experience and training
  • Expert solutions to apparent problems


Example Design Plans

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